CARTASAN, is the mindful blending of carta, the Italian word for ‘paper’, and artisan, ‘a person who is skilled at making things by hand’.
— Marilyn & Christy, Co-founders of Cartasan

Our Source

Paper artist Marilyn McRae creates original, expressive works of art by hand sculpting reclaimed magazine paper.  By hand she cuts, tears, folds and singes magazine paper into her vision.

The original paper art can be viewed at


Our Company

Cartasan, a Santa Barbara, California based design company, co-founded by Marilyn McRae, a paper artist, and Christy Chee, a creative director. Cartasan uses original paper artwork, along with mixed media digital art, and creates visually unique designs that are printed on a variety of archival substrates.  Every design is created and constructed in the United States.